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Maharasnadi Kashayam Tablet

Kashayam refers to a decoction or extract of a herb or a group of herbs. Kashayam contains mostly water soluble herbs which are easily absorbed by the intestines. In Ayurveda, a Kashayam is named after the herbs used in it.

Kashaya is not preferred by many due to its bitter taste and the fuss in carrying the liquid bottles. The availability of Kashaya tablets makes it convenient for such users to take them without trouble.

Maharasnadi Kashayam Tablet is beneficial in people suffering from a chronic disease of vata predominance with emaciation. It is a potent nervine tonic.

Benefits of Maharasnadi Kashayam Tablet

» Paraplegia

» Hernia

» Hydrocele

» Arthritis

Ingredients in Maharasnadi Kashayam Tablet include

» Alpinia galanga (rasna)

» Tragia involucrata (dhanwayasha)

» Sida Cordifolia (bala)

» Riccinus Communis(Eranda)

» Cedrus deodara(Devadaru)

» curcuma zedoaria (Sati)

» Acorus calamus (vacha)

» Adathoda vasica (vasaka)

» Zingiber officinale (Nagara)

» Terminalia chebula(Pathya)

» Piper brachystachyum(chavya)

» Cyperus rotundus (mustha)

» Boerhaavia diffusa (punarnava)

» Tinospora cordifolia (guduchi)

» Operculina turpethum(Vriddhadaru)

» Peucedanum graveolens(Satapushpa)

» Tribulus terrestris (gokshura)

» Withania somnifera (Aswagandha)

» Aconitum ferox(Prativisha)

» Cassia fistula(Kritamala)

» Asparagus racemosus(Satavari)

» Piper longum(Krishna)

» Strobilanthes ciliates(Sahachara)

» Coriandrum Sativum(Dhanyaka)

» Solanum melongena(Kantakari)

» Aerua lanata(Bhadra)

Usage Instructions

Time to take Kashaya Tablet

In the morning, between 6.00 am and 7.30 am on empty stomach, and in the evening between 5.00 pm and 6.30 pm on empty stomach.

If the patient suffers from acidity, flatulence or sour belching he or she can take Kashaya half an hour after tea.

Following these usage instructions and lifestyle recommendations are essential to get best results.

Dosage: 02 tablets twice daily after meal. (650 mg each)

Packing Size : 100 Tablets

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Maharasnadi Kashayam 10 Tablets AVN Ayurveda

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