• Memento Granules 500g Ayurwin

Mode of action:

    The bacosides are the memory chemicals in Brahmi. And other ingredients such as mandukaparni, shankhapuspi, vacha etc are the potent herbal memory boosters in memento.

     According to scientists at the Central Drug Research Institute located in Lucknow, India, the bacosides help to repair damaged neurons by adding muscle to kinase, the protein involved in the synthesis of new neurons to replace the old ones.

Depleted synaptic activity is thus restored, leading to augmented memory functions

    The Charaka Samhita considers them both to be promoters of cognitive functions, but it suggests that Brahmi is superior to mandukaparni. Brahmi is used to treat specific mental disorders such as insanity and epilepsy, while mandukaparni is a general rejuvenative tonic which improves mental health.


    Used traditionally to increase the speed of learning and extent of memory power.

    It is also useful in increasing the sharpness of perception by the sense organs.

    Particularly useful for the promotion of memory in children.

    Offers restful sleep & enhances mind to refresh & recall memory when awoken   

    In adults, it helps to relieve insomnia.


    Lack of concentration & Memory loss in children

    Nerve degeneration in old age leading to memory loss

    Sleeplessness among old

    Stress among children

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Memento Granules 500g Ayurwin

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