• Rumastal Forte 10 Tablets Gufic

All the muscular sprain and strains are associated with inflammation and pain. The intensity of these may vary but the effect is same: The patient has restricted and painful movements. During a cell injury, the cell membrane is damaged causing release of arachidonic acid. This is metabolised by either of the 2 enzymes: Cyclo-oxygenase or Lipo-oxygenase. The reaction of arachidonic acid with cyclo-oxygenase gives rise to prostaglandins and its reaction with lipo-oxygenase gives rise to leucotriens. These both are the chemical mediators of pain and inflammation.
Guggul, Dashamool, Khurasani ajwan, Rasna and Lasuna act as analgesic and offer relief from a pain.
Gruggul, Nirgundi, Punarnava, Erandamool and shigru are very well known for their potent anti-inflammatory activity.

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Rumastal Forte 10 Tablets Gufic

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