• Anti Wrinkle Cream 30g Organic Harvest

Anti Wrinkle Cream
with organic ingredients

The soy bean, magnesium and tamarind seed extract based Anti-wrinkle Cream will give your skin a tightened, crease-less finish and protect your skin while increasing circulation and eliminating the negative effects of stress. Infused with with olive tree leaves extract, it reduces skin damage from pollution and repairs the collagen layer to bring back that luxuriant youthful feel to your skin. This is the creams that fight signs of aging for a younger-looking you!

Key Ingredients

Aqua, Olive Tree leaves extract, Glucose, Flavonoids & Natural Magnesium salt in Cream base.

How To Use

Apply liberally to freshly cleansed skin, twice a day, starting at neck and working your way up to the face.
Shake well before use.
*Color of this product may change due to the use of Organic and Natural Ingredients.

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Anti Wrinkle Cream 30g Organic Harvest

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