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 “Vajee” literally translates in to the word ‘horse’ in English. “karan” means one which provides/gives. Here horse symbolizes the immense potential of energy – vajeevat labhate soukhyam- the treatment which gives the energy of a horse to man is vajeekarana chikitsa, and it is for this purpose that vajeekaran capsules were formulated.

Amukkuram, naikkurnam, palmudukku,nenjiril,sathavari, sankupushpam , kunkumapoovu, kanmadam – this medicines when combined in the right process prove to be an effective formulae for achieving our aim.

Somniferon and ipuranol are good aphrodisiac, excellent for nervous exhaustion, brain fag, loss of muscular energy, spermatorrhoea and GD. It is also recommended for seminal debility.

Mucna prurita(naikkurnam) and ipomea(palmudukku) are good aphrodisiac, good nervine tonic and local stimulant.

Saffron is another drug in vajeekaran, which contains an essential oil apart from crocetin and saffron. Most of the above drugs in this capsule contain essential oil and essential oil have a general property of stimulating the Central Nervous System and thereby its aphrodisiac action. Kanmadmam is also well known aphrodisiac.

Patients considered were below 45 yrs of age and did not have other diseases. Patients with azoospermia were also avoided from the study. Primary consideration was given to patients with loss of libido and oligospermia. Patients were administered continuously with vajeekaran for three months. About 60% of the patients showed marked increase in the sperm count. About 25% showed mild increase in the count. About 10% showed no result. Rest of the patients discontinued the treatment due to unknown reasons. Patients who had only loss of libido, and were non diabetic better good results.

SAFETY: since it contains mineral like shilajith it is not advisable to take more than the indicated dosage. This may prove to be toxic.

OVERDOSE: may be toxic to the kidney, if taken in excess.


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Vajeekaran 10 Capsules Shankar Pharmacy

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